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Types of Massages Available

30 Minute Massages = $45 (*No promotional coupons accepted)

  • De-Stress Neck & Shoulder Massage =30 minute massage focused specifically on the head and shoulders using acupressure techniques to alleviate muscular tension, head aches, restore equilibrium and revitalize the bodies energy systems.
  • Sooth your Sole Massage = 30 min foot reflexology session focusing on rebalancing the bodies energy system using ancient acupressure points dating back to ancient egypt 3000 years ago.
  • Sooth your Sole Deluxe Massage = 30 minute foot reflexology combined with a therapeutic 60 minute massage on the rest of the body. $85 (*90min)

60/90 Minute Massages = $70/$85

  • Shiatsu acupressure Massage = An acupressure massage focused on rebalancing the bodies energy system using rhythmic pressure point techniques *- no oils are used in this treatment.
  • Therapeutic Massage = Signature sports deep tissue massage
  • Pamper My Mommy Massage = Signature "Mommy" massage (prenatal pregnancy massage) - a very gentle soothing massage in a " side- line position" using nourishing hydrating cream. 

60/90/120 Minute Massages = $70/$85/$130

  • Far East Massage =A blend of ancient therapeutic acupressure massage techniques combined with gentle yoga like stretches to relieve muscular tension and rebalance the bodies energy system. Modalities inspired by traditional thai, Japanese shiatsu, and Indian Ayurvedic massage. Optional Healing aromatic oils are applied throughout the body during this treatment.
  • Drift away Massage = A customized euphoric aromatic massage using pure essential botanical oils combined with therapeutic massage techniques to relax both body and mind, enabling the bodies own healing capabilities while you drift away in relaxation.

    *Please Specify the type of massage when booking. Book online in the "Contact Us" Page






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